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What Clients Are Saying

With candor and kindness, Emily has done a fantastic job of getting to the heart of my issues and helping to facilitate me building new energetic bridges to lead a more joyful and expanded life experience.

Emily provided practical and easy to follow suggestions so that I could get back in my body and give my ruminating thoughts and overworked brain a break.

Thank you Emily for creating and holding safe space while I undergo this transitional time. 

Sara. Songwriter. US

Emily is a kind and caring coach who has helped me change the way I feel, think and be. I immediately felt comfortable working with her because of her acute attention and kindness. She helped me to explore new paradigms and try new practises which have changed my life for the better. Big thank you to Emily and I can’t recommend her enough

Dan, UK

I never realised how important energy is until I met Emily. She has taught me that by using just a few simple techniques I could change the whole narrative around my life and transform my perspective from victim to creator. I feel so in the flow of life now that I know I can create whatever I want. This work is highly recommended for anyone who is stuck or locked into a pattern and can't see a way through. There is.

Linda, UK

Since starting work on the Energy Codes with Emily I can honestly say that my life has changed considerably for the better.
I am 3 years into a journey of dealing with severe PTSD after a series of serious health issues. 
I’ve spent the last year doing EMDR sessions to help with the PTSD with a wonderful psychologist, and regaining my physical fitness with a physio team. But nothing has shifted some of my deeply held trauma and residual problems with anxiety, short temper etc.
The Energy Codes, facilitated extremely sensitively and thoughtfully by Emily, has allowed me to look back even further and discover patterns I never knew existed. 
Emily, with an open manner, non judgemental approach and wry sense of humour, asks careful questions, listens carefully, reflects back and distills out of that some key messages and suggests patterns that may be occurring. 
I’ve learnt deeply calming breathing techniques for helping my anxiety and with what I thought was rage, but now have identified as frustration.
I feel so much less vulnerable, stronger in my relationships, not worried about outside judgement and my relationship with my children and partner are deeper and stronger than ever.
I feel lighter in more ways than I want to share, and simultaneously reconnected to the here and now, after years of floating out of control and directionless. 
This is all after 8 weeks of sessions with Emily (and probably not as much breathwork practice as I should ideally be doing!), but I started to feel positive effects after the very first session, and huge ripple on effects throughout many areas of my life after the 4th one. 

I highly recommend Life Force Coaching with Emily Pattullo to anyone but especially if you have experienced significant trauma in your life, are a parent who strives to be calm but just can’t get there, or you wish to be able to better access your creative or spiritual side. 

Zena, NZ

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