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Life Coaching for the Soul

Empowering you to heal from the inside out using various energy-based techniques that re-write old life patterns and enable change in all areas of your life

Sunset Kayak


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My name is Emily and I first discovered Dr Sue Morter’s Energy Codes teachings in 2018. Since then I have been a committed student, incorporating all the techniques into my life with profound and transformative results. It gives me so much pleasure to now be able to pass onto you, through my own innate intuitive abilities and the Energy Codes Coaching Certification, much of what I have learned so that you too can benefit from a life as fulfilling as the one I now enjoy.


Using this work I have moved from self-conscious, defensive, judgemental and afraid, to liberated, confident, authentic and loving. Where I now feel internally for guidance rather than projecting outside and using my mind to try and 'figure' it out. By living from this place I create the life I was always meant to live with every step I take. It’s fulfilling and inspirational and surprising at every turn. 

Each session is led by you and guided by me, using the many tools and resources available to facilitate the process at a pace that is comfortable to you. 


Incorporating Dr Sue Morter’s Energy Codes, Breathwork, BEST Release, mPower Step, Bio-Energetics, 12 Chakra System, Life Coaching, Remote Healing & Reiki.

These techniques are designed to empower you to help yourself, so that you can use them in your every day life to realise your true potential and start creating out in the world as you were meant to. No longer living from the protective personality (ego) but from the soulful self, you will learn to recognise what it is you’ve always wanted for yourself and discover

why you came.


Working in-person from beautiful coastal New Zealand, or around the world via zoom.

Helping you heal from:

Fear-based patterns/feeling stuck




Enabling you to:

Create the life you want

Facilitate change

Realise your potential

Move into flow

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“The Energy Codes are principles and practises that work with the raw, subtle energy underneath our story to organise the electromagnetic flow, and increase the sensory perception in the nervous system at the core level of our being. With this we can master and manage the essential expression of the Energy Being or the Soulful Self. This results in our own liberation from the stimulus/response world of the thinking mind and its Protective Personality (Ego), and accentuates a felt sensation of authenticity and true empowerment within, and facilitates our role as creator.” Dr Sue Morter


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